The author

Through Muse, his floral signature, Majid develops an author's approach at the crossroads of his lyrical poetry, his historical references, and a more radical vision in tune with his time.

Majid was undoubtedly aware of the lyrical tone of his floral art by drawing the name of his boutique from the poetic universe of Greek Mythology. Muse refers to the inspirational goddesses of the arts, especially music. From the root “muse” was born the word “music”.
This discipline is not only a source of inspiration. The author beats time by placing his cut flowers here and there with the vivacity of the conductor’s gestures. The rhythm of his compositions participates in harmonious or deliberately dissonant chords, full or quieter
notes, for an effect as alive as a “visual symphony”.
By following a sinusoidal line stretching towards the sky, to which is added the exuberance of the forms, the asymmetry and the sense of movement, the architecture of the bouquets approaches the Baroque style. Their hints of warm colors, the spirit of the vases inherited from the “Silk Road”, bring a tinge of exoticism, reminding the “Persian” origins of the designer who left his hometown of Tehran at the turn of his thirties.

The singularity of Muse's universe is however based on a subtle balance between abundance and sobriety, delicacy and radicality, so much so that Majid would describe his aesthetic more as "baroque sharpness". His compositions enjoy a creative freedom in which Grand Siècle opulence dialogues with Flemish austerity, Romantic lightness with Fantastic
Strangeness. Just as he breaks with picturesque atmospheres drawing graphic notes from the Japanese art of Ikebana, or more aggressive ones in echo of his Rock culture.
Finally, Muse incarnates an artisanal approach, which declines the art of personalization, the generosity of productions, the sense of service from the neighborhood clientele to the big names in the fashion and luxury industries. Each creation is unique, nourished by an encounter and a context, whether private or official. To the original dimension of each bouquet is added the scrupulous respect of the seasons, making Majid’s selections of flowers unexpected, without diluting his intentions.

MUSE, the shop

The lush charm of a floral cabinet in the heart of Montmartre

Muse is a boutique with character nestled in the middle of the cobbled streets of Montmartre area. Its creation dates back to 2013, but the charm of its wooden storefront blends harmoniously into the landscape of the Parisian village. The address reflects the spirit of the founder: discreet if we refer to its intimate setting, lush by the reception of its flower
bed and the masterful presence of its harp in the window. The author expresses the full creative palette of his floral poetry. At the same time, his collection of curiosities coats the space with a patina specific to that of an antiques dealer, in a "mise en scène" as settled as a still life painting.

MUSE, the studio-gallery

Creative production studio & exhibition space

The year 2023 marks for Muse the acquisition of a new space a few meters from the historic boutique. In an equally timeless decor, Majid and his team develop their studio activities there, between the preparation of tailor-made bouquets and more major productions for luxury brands. Equipped with a large window, it can serve as a place for exhibitions or
happenings: from his creations to the presentation of collaborative projects conducive to multidisciplinarity, like the artistic family in which the author evolves.